III Cyber Defence Symposium of the Spanish Joint Cyber Defence Command
Military Operations In Cyberspace
Madrid, 2018 May 22nd - 24th. Kinépolis Madrid (Ciudad de la Imagen)
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GD. Carlos Gómez López de Medina
Commander of the Spanish Joint Cyber Defence Command
Cyber Defence Symposium 2018 “Military Operations in Cyberspace”

The dependence, in all areas of the society, of information technology and telecommunications systems (ICT) has driven a new environment, cyberspace, where conflicts and aggressions will occur as in traditional environments, and where there are cyber threats that will attempt against national security, the rule of law, the economic prosperity, the welfare state, and, even the normal day-to-day of the society and public administrations.

Cyberspace has been the object of confrontation since the early nineties. It is not unreasonable to assume that virtually all of the coming conflicts will begin, and even will end, in it. Cyberspace has unique characteristics that make it one of the main vectors of hybrid warfare.

Currently, almost all developed countries have already specialized units to operate in the new fifth domain. In this complex environment is where the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Command (Mando Conjunto de Ciberdefensa, or MCCD, in Spanish) operates every day;  among his main tasks there is one which is also done within the air and sea spaces of sovereignty: the permanent surveillance of the cyberspace of responsibility.

In our field, cyberspace has been added to traditional or "conventional" domains (land, sea, air and space) to become the fifth domain of military operations. It can plan, conduct and execute these operations, as recently it was recognized by the Atlantic Alliance at its Heads of State and Government Summit that took place in Warsaw in July 2016.

Cooperation, identified as a key factor in the Spanish National Cybersecurity Strategy, is one of the benchmarks of the MCCD -or ESP CYBERCOM- from its beginning. Cooperation not only within the scope of the Ministry of Defense, but also in its national and international dimensions, with public and private organizations, companies, researchers and universities.

ESP CYBERCOM organizes the 2018 Cyber Defense Symposium "Military Operations in Cyberspace" (JCD 2018 "CYBERMILOPS") between May 22nd - 24th in "Kinépolis", Madrid ("Ciudad de la Imagen") as a forum for exhibition and debate on the state of the art in all dimensions of cybersecurity, an environment for the sharing of these achievements and also as a knowledge and relationship platform at a national and international level, which enables new opportunities for cooperation and convergence.

This event is an unprecedented opportunity in this field. As in the last edition of 2016, experiences and lessons learned from recent operations at national and international level will be shared and topics of interest will be addressed such as facing the challenge of integrating cyber defense in the operational planning process, the potential impact in the National Security of cyber attacks to operators and critical infrastructures and special attention will be paid to the legal aspects of cyberspace.

The Symposium will bring together representatives of cyber defense worldwide and in the audience there will be a broad national and international representation. The Conference will therefore constitute a privileged forum for mutual knowledge and relationship building.

The Cyber ​​Defense Symposium is part of the activities prior to the celebration of the Day of the Spanish Armed Forces, highlighting the willingness and vocation of the National Defense for the society.

I take this opportunity to invite you to participate in this, your Cyber Defense Symposium.

Major General Carlos Gómez López de Medina
Commander of the Spanish Joint Cyber Defense Command

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