III Cyber Defence Symposium of the Spanish Joint Cyber Defence Command
Military Operations In Cyberspace
Madrid, 2018 May 22nd - 24th. Kinépolis Madrid (Ciudad de la Imagen)
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CONFERENCE: Cyberespionage: an user case
Wednesday, 23rd May 2018   -   11:50 - 12:15
The slides of the presentations made by each speaker can be downloaded below, next to his biography.
Ignacio Javier Pérez Jiménez
Lieutenant Colonel. Artillery Branch. Head of the Digital Research Group of ESP Joint Cyber Command (MCCD)

Spanish Army Lieutenant Colonel. Artillery Branch. Head of the Cyber Forensics laboratory of the MCCD. In addition to directing and coordinating research teams in the missions entrusted to them, he works as a forensic analyst in operating systems and reverse malware engineering.

Other previous destinations related to ITC security include lecturer at the Spanish War College Departament of Intelligence and Security, Digital Forensic Analyst at the NATO HQ in Sarajevo, Head of the Security Operations Unit of the Corporate Center for Exploitation and Support (Centro Corporativo de Explotación y Apoyo (CCEA)) and Head of the Forensics and Incident Response Unit of the Ministry of Defence Security Operations Center (COSDEF).

He is a graduate in Computer Military Science by the Spanish Army and a Master degree in Military IT Security by UPM. He has also GIAC Certifications on  Reverse Engineering Malware  and on Certified Forensic Analyst. Among the courses related to ITC security he holds can be highlighted the NATO-NC3A Computer Forensic Training, Computer Forensics and Cyber Security of the SDGTIC, Computer Forensic Expert of the ANTPJI, Defensive Cyberspace Operations Engineer of CSFI, Forensic Expert Witness of the UDIMA, Master degree in Military IT Security by UPM, EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, and several NATO CCDCOE and CCN-CERT STIC courses.

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