III Cyber Defence Symposium of the Spanish Joint Cyber Defence Command
Military Operations In Cyberspace
Madrid, 2018 May 22nd - 24th. Kinépolis Madrid (Ciudad de la Imagen)
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CONFERENCE: Fundamentals of US Military Cyberspace Operations Doctrine
Thursday, 24th May 2018   -   09:30 - 10:00
The slides of the presentations made by each speaker can be downloaded below, next to his biography. The answers to the questions that were made can be found at the end of each video, except for those that were answered personally afterwards due to lack time, that can be accessed here.
Brian Long
Doctrine Senior Analyst US CYBER COMMAND

Mr. Long is a Senior Doctrine Analyst at U.S. Cyber Command where he is responsible for developing doctrine for military operations in cyberspace. He applies technical education and experience with in depth study of military operations concepts to ensure effective communication and solve problems.

Answers to those questions that were not answered during the session due to lack of time, that were sent directly to the attendees that made them.
To: Brian Long
What about the cybersupport teams?
The cyber support teams (CSTs) were not represented on the slide because they did not directly relate to the topic. The slide is intended to depict how cyberspace forces execute actions to accomplish missions in and through cyberspace. Talking about CSTs is a more detailed discussion which exists at a level below that discussed at the symposium.
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Military Operations In Cyberspace    |    #JornadasCD18    |    #MandoCiberdefensa