III Cyber Defence Symposium of the Spanish Joint Cyber Defence Command
Military Operations In Cyberspace
Madrid, 2018 May 22nd - 24th. Kinépolis Madrid (Ciudad de la Imagen)
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Corporate Presentation INDRA
Advanced Technologies for Military Cyberoperations
Wednesday, 23rd May 2018   -   13:40 - 14:00
The slides of the presentations made by each speaker can be downloaded below, next to his biography. The answers to the questions that were made can be found at the end of each video, except for those that were answered personally afterwards due to lack time, that can be accessed here.
Jorge López Hernández-Ardieta
Head of Technological Innovation in Cybersecurity .  Minsait by Indra.

A B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University Autonoma of Madrid, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University Carlos III of Madrid. With 15 years of experience in cybersecurity and information security, throughout his professional career he has played different roles in the academic and industrial sectors. In recent years he has led the research group in cybersecurity at Indra, currently leading the area of innovation in cybersecurity technologies at Minsait (a special business unit in Indra). Among other products, he has been responsible for leading the conceptualization and R + D of Cyber Range at Indra for 5 years.

He is also a researcher and teacher with extensive experience. He is a Part Time Professor and affiliated researcher collaborating with the Computer Security Lab. Of UC3M, where he teaches in cryptography and cybersecurity. He has been the Director of the Indra Master´s in Cybersecurity in U-tad for three years.

Actively participates in multiple standardization and consulting activities at the international level, and represents Indra in forums and national and international events of relevance in the sector. Author of more than 40 articles and scientific publications, he has given nearly 50 papers at national and international conferences.

Answers to those questions that were not answered during the session due to lack of time, that were sent directly to the attendees that made them.
To: Jorge López Hernández-Ardieta
¿Consideran en sus proyectos la capacidad e intencion, así como las ventanas de oportunidad, del adversario?
Modelamos el adversario en función de sus TTP y objetivos particulares. Por tanto, sí, consideramos su capacidad e intención. En cuanto a la ventana de oportunidad, modelamos el escenario para simular una casuística de interés, en la que el adversario tiene la oportunidad de generar un efecto en la red atacada, o al menos estimular los sistemas que deseemos. Por ejemplo, podemos dotar al adversario de conocimiento sobre credenciales root en determinado servicio/equipo, y hacer dicho servicio/equipo accesible desde el segmento de red desde donde esté anclado el adversario.
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Military Operations In Cyberspace    |    #JornadasCD18    |    #MandoCiberdefensa